PANKO flour beetles/wheat weevils trap

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New PANKO trap for monitoring flour beetles, wheat weevils
and sawtoothed grain beetle

Reliable information about pest infestation levels contributes to the selection of the most effective treatment. The absence of effective methods for monitoring flour beetles and wheat weevils posed a significant problem in the pest control industry for many years. Flour beetle detectors fail to clearly indicate the presence of pest insects. The ineffectiveness of the existing pest control solutions can be attributed to structural defects. The new PANKO trap is an innovative solution which guarantees full pest control. It has been engineered based on nearly 20 years of experience in designing pest control treatments. The results of laboratory tests carried out by Professor Stanislaw Ignatowicz, a renowned entomology expert, confirmed that the new trap is a highly effective pest control method.

The PANKO flour beetle/wheat weevils trap has been highly rated by pest management companies, and it enjoys growing popularity on the market.
We are convinced that our new product will fully cater to your pest control needs.

Main advantages:
1. the applied structural solution (patented) guarantees full flour beetle and wheat weevils control
2. unique food attractant
3. transparent material supports observations of trapped insects
4. closed structure protects the interior of the trap from environmental contamination
5. electrostatic entrance grooves limit dust contamination inside the trap

A product presentation is available for viewing.

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